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Primera – Awning Windows

Meridian awning windows are expertly designed and fabricated to offer beauty and utility to any home. We use high-quality components and materials to create windows that give superior safety, security, comfort, and energy efficient.

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We understand the importance of satisfying our customers’ needs by providing them with the options for their ideal window. Click on our customization options and imagine the possibilities.

White is the foundation of our modern window design which enriches many options, such as glass colour and grid styles.

You have the choice of industry standard 4mm or increased protection from 6mm laminated glass. Other glass options are available via special order.

Our colour options offer style, privacy and comfort.

  • Clear – Brightens any room with almost 100% natural light.
  • Clear Frosted – Allows natural diffused light with added privacy.
  • Bronze – One of the most popular colour options filters the sunlight’s intensity and heat.
  • Bronze Frosted – Adds diffusion and privacy to the filtered light.
  • Milk Frosted – Offers a unique quality of light that softens while delivering a high level of privacy. (6mm laminated only)
  • Grey – Reduces intensity absorbing sunlight and heat like bronze but the grey tint produces a cooler (bluer) light into the room.

Standard window sizes avoids the additional costs and wait time of custom window sizes while still offering a wide range of choices.

Standard Widths –

    • 48″
    • 36″
    • 24″

Standard Heights –

    • 26”
    • 38 3/8”
    • 50 5/8”

We can manufacture any size window within the design minimum and maximum limits. We also use a combination of custom-built or standard-sized windows to fill larger spaces by carefully joining them together. For non-standard sizes, we highly recommend that customers take advantage of our free assessment to ensure the perfect fit.

Our grid styles can convey a traditional feel, or a contemporary look. Customers can also achieve the ultra-modern minimalist look with no grids. Custom grid styles are available as shown below. Choose from our grid styles shown here, or request your own.

These awning windows are available in three configurations. Single panel (1 TPO), double-panel (2 TPO) as well as triple-panel (3 TPO) options.




Selecting the best materials is the first step. Our exclusive uPVC compound formed into a robust 3 ¼ thick frame is robust, durable is guaranteed against warping. The 100% watertight and airtight seal keeps the elements out and maintains operating performance.

Enduring Style


A contemporary design with fusion welded eliminates the need for adhesives and sealants. Our customization options ensure that we can manufacture a window that uniquely yours and enhances your home’s aesthetics.

Ease of Use


This window features aluminium in-swing screens and removable pins or hinges that allow you to easily clean and store the screens while cleaning the window. Additionally, our “egress hinges” allow you to clean the window from inside your home. The added feature of a friction-controlled opening ensures years of smooth window operation.

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