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French Doors

Meridian Caribbean Inc’s uPVC French door design is available in single or double door configurations. The single door option creates a beautiful main entrance, while the double door option connects the indoors and outdoors. This versatile, high-performance door system is an attractive alternative to patio, deck, or balcony access for homeowners and designers.

The outward-opening French doors can be easily combined with a top and/or side fixed window, allowing maximum design flexibility.

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We understand the importance of satisfying our customers’ needs by providing them with the options for their ideal window. Click on our customization options and imagine the possibilities.

White is the foundation of our modern window design which enriches many options such as glass colour and grid styles.

You have the choice of industry standard 4mm. Other glass options are available via special order.

Our colour options offer style, privacy and comfort.

  • Clear – Brightens any room with almost 100% natural light.
  • Clear Frosted – Allows natural diffused light with added privacy.
  • Bronze – One of the most popular colour options filters the sunlight’s intensity and heat.
  • Bronze Frosted – Adds diffusion and privacy to the filtered light.
  • Milk Frosted – Offers a unique quality of light that softens while delivering a high level of privacy. (6mm laminated only)
  • Grey – Reduces intensity absorbing sunlight and heat like bronze but the grey tint produces a cooler (bluer) light into the room.
  • White
  • Stainless Steel

We can manufacture any size door within the design minimum and maximum limits. For custom sizes, we highly recommend that customers take advantage of our free assessment to ensure the perfect fit.

Our grid styles can convey a traditional feel, or a contemporary look.  Customers can also achieve the ultra-modern minimalist look with no grids.  Custom grid styles are available as shown below but some grid styles are better suited to specific architectural shapes. Choose from our grid styles shown here, or make a custom request and we will advise on which option might best suit your needs.





Multiple locking points and compression seals around the sash perimeter ensure a tight seal against moisture, low air infiltration, security, and good sound insulation.



High-quality hardware operates quietly and effortlessly. Large glazing capacity improves energy efficiency and enhanced acoustical properties. Unique uPVC corner blocks connect steel reinforcement, keeping the hinged door corners in full alignment for long-term, trouble-free operation. Even years after installation, simple cleaning with soap and water is all that is required to keep the surfaces looking new.



The frame profiles are available in a variety of depths, allowing for flexibility in new construction as well as in replacement applications. To meet design requirements, there are a variety of style options available including outward-opening or inward-opening configurations. For example, the out-swinging door sash panels maximize interior space by providing as much interior space as possible.

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