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Celesta Multi-Track Sliding Doors

The Meridian Celesta sliding multitrack patio door is an ideal solution for filling larger openings while offering outstanding reliability, performance, value, and quality. The stacked panels slide and stack perfectly within the door frame, offering a larger opening than a classic patio door.

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We understand the importance of satisfying our customers needs by providing you with the options for your ideal door. Click our customisation options and imagine the possibilities.

White is the foundation of our modern window design and enriches many options such as glass colour and grid styles.

You have the choice of industry standard 4mm. Other glass options are available via special order.

Our colour options offer style, privacy and comfort.

  • Clear – Brightens any room with almost 100% natural light.
  • Clear Frosted – Allows natural diffused light with added privacy.
  • Bronze – One of the most popular colour options filters the sunlight’s intensity and heat.
  • Bronze Frosted – Adds diffusion and privacy to the filtered light.
  • Milk Frosted – Offers a unique quality of light that softens while delivering a high level of privacy. (6mm laminated only)
  • Grey – Reduces intensity absorbing sunlight and heat like bronze but the grey tint produces a cooler (bluer) light into the room.
  • White
  • Stainless Steel
  • 5 ft 58 7/8” wide x 81 7/8” high       2-panel (OX, XO)
  • 6 ft 70 7/8” wide x 81 7/8” high       2-panel (OX, XO)
  • 8 ft 94 1/2” wide x 81 7/8” high       2-panel (OX, XO)
  • 9 ft 106 1/4” wide x 81 7/8” high     3-panel (OXO)
  • 12 ft 139 7/16” wide x 81 7/8” high   4-panel (OXXO)

We can manufacture any size door within design minimum and maximum limits. For custom sizes we recommend our free assessment to ensure the perfect fit.

Our grid styles can convey a traditional feel or a contemporary look. You can also achieve the ultra-modern minimalist look from no grids. Please note some grid styles will be better suited to certain architectural shapes. We will be happy to discuss your needs and advise on the best options to meet your needs.




Stainless steel housing, ideal to prevent premature wear in a saline environment.



An anodized aluminum sill cover hides the drainage holes and improves the door’s look. Sophisticated and modern aesthetics contemporary handles, with or without a key, and available in various finishes. Retractable screens provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors when closed. Optional Sliding Insect Screens are also available (by special order).



Available in 2-panel, 3-panel and 4-panel configurations, with a wide range of glazing options and decorative grilles. Installer friendly design and room for panel adjustment mean uneven surfaces are never a problem.

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